The Organising Committee

Galaxy of Intellectuals...

SGIMUN organising committee comprises people with sound knowledge, skills and experiences. Our committee members are the most reliable and diligent toilers, who perform their duties on a voluntary basis which makes them stand out of the ordinary.

speaker name
Om Shah

The Secretary General

The mastermind behind this edition of SGIMUN, Om is currently a 12 grade student, with having attended more than 20 MUNs he has a great passion in public speaking and debating He has a sound knowledge about international relations and Indian politics. He has developed his success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to his success, his innovation is what makes him distinguished. He does what a commander is supposed to do, he leads with the pack. He has put his blood, sweat and tears to make this conference triumphant once again.

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Abhiroop Patil

The Director General

Behold the prestigious Director General Abhiroop currently pursuing his A levels. Also known as the Sherlock Holmes of SGIS, he firmly believes in every individual being able to make a difference. His cream knowledge about international relations, Indian politics and confidence is what makes him out of the ordinary.

speaker name
Harsh Patil

USG for Conference Management

Harsh Patil has magnificent conference management skills; he has an immense passion for philately and also an enthusiastic debater. Debating runs in his veins and diplomacy in his heart. He will make sure the conference is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of every single delegate.

speaker name
Aishwarya Wagle

USG for Delegate Affairs

Aishwarya Wagle is a person who is amicable and compassionate in nature and is also known as the Jane Austen of SGIS, who has always had a soft corner for literature and language. She is a copacetic ally with cent percent dedication who can probably give you a formal approach with a topping of care and concern towards every delegate.

speaker name
Mukesh Choudhary

USG for Outreach

Mukesh the kangaroo of SGIS, he is meticulous in his approach and articulate in nature. A great athlete and speaker, known for leadership skills and eloquent oratory. With an upbeat and vibrant smile, he never fails to leave an impact on anyone under any kind of circumstance. He likes to participate in public speaking activities like debates, speeches, declamations and MUNs.

speaker name
Ekta Betala

USG for Marketing

EKTA BETALA is the fantabulous USG for Marketing.Ekta is a soft,sharp and outspoken girl who has a cool mind in all circumstances.Being a commerce student,she is extremely well suited for her role and we know that she’ll fulfill her position to the fullest and help make this conference a success.

speaker name
Ayushi Ladha & Nandini Sharma

Heads of Event Resource and Management

Ayushi Laddha and Nandini Sharma are the shapers of culture at SGIS, the workers for change and the dreamers of dreamers. You can find them taking a dip or watching a movie at some theatre on any usual day. Indeed a team with integrated skills of event management. Creativity is in their veins and culture is in their heart. Together they will create wonders for the delegates out there for sure.

speaker name
Aastha Tangadi

Hospitality Head

We at SGIMUN 19 believe that hospitality plays a crucial role in the success of the conference, hence we bring you Aastha Tangadi an elegant and composed person by nature, as the Head of Hospitality. A perfect guide to assist you throughout the conference and handle all sorts of grievances.

speaker name
Shivraje Bagal & Pranav Jain

Heads of Technical Reliabilty

As their post suggests Pranav Jain and Shivraje Bagal are tech-savvy who do the balancing act of managing technical processes using their technical skills to provide the necessary environment required for project success. Both of them are an integrated package of high intellectual and they will, for sure, do justice to their posts of Co-Technical Heads.

speaker name
Chinmayi Prabhu

Head of Finance

Our financial persona has a sound grasp of pecuniary systems and procedures. Chinmayi Prabhu as the Head of Finance. She has a strong interpersonal and management ability which makes her one in a million, since she tackles all the financial decisions with utter efficiency.

speaker name
Vaibhav Taleda & Mustakin Attar

Heads of Logistics

One thing that the world today is actually moving forward is because of the great advancement in logistical science. Bearing the importance of logistics we bring Vaibhav, a diligent and multitasking person, is dedicated towards work assured to give his best to accomplish the task assigned to him. Mustakin is a silent, though hard-working person and he will make sure that along with his colleague Vaibhav he will facilitate all thee expectations there are.

speaker name
Aryan Tated

Head Of Operations

Aryan Tated prides himself in being a hard and efficient manager, sophisticated in his conduct, who strives for perfection by incorporating innovation in everything he does. He will put in his utmost effort as the Head of Operations to make sure that the conference faces no issues and each and every participating member of the conference has a memorable experience.

speaker name
Shivam Mali

Head of Photographer

Shivam, a photographer like none, always ends up being the raw creative force that allows other people to see what kind of narrative he wants to be giving or kind of art that he wants people to see. He looks forward to capture you all in his amazing world of creativity!

speaker name
Smruti Mali

Head of Press and Publications

Journalism can never be silent. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air. So therefore to uphold the same we bring to you Smruti Mali who tends to be lively, observant, witty and with her work enthusiasm never ceasing, as the Head of Press of Publications. With her exuberence and excitement, she is ready to work for an excellent conference to take place.

speaker name
Satish Gandhi

Head Faculty Advisor

Having helped us from the first edition, we bring you Satish Gandhi Sir, on the post of Head Faculty Advisor, and rightly so. He has guided us throughout our journey this year and has assisted us to make the right decisions always. His compassion and dedication drives us to work even more hard.

speaker name
Indrajeet Thorat

Public Relations Officer

He has toured extensively with us, burning his midnight lamp, and aided us to earn delegates by his genuine smile and hardcore determination, we bring you Indrajeet Thorat Sir, on the post of Public Relations Officer. Not leaving a single corner untouched, he’s pushed us to achieve our potential. His encouraging attitude has helped everyone work enthusiastically.

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